The Benefits of Face Oils

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There are so many benefits for the use of face oils now a days….so we wanted to share just a few with you wo kinofilmeen. We love this article from “Live The Process”  ~ Christina


These days, face oils are all the rage, leading countless people to ask me how oils can possibly be good for the face youtube videos ios herunterladen.

We have learned, incorrectly, that all oil is bad for our skin and will clog pores. In fact, it’s toxic oils and creams that are bad for skin videos von youtubeen app iphone. Oils that are rancid or synthetic do not hydrate our skin properly.

Another problem is that many moisturizers on the market contain both water and alcohol, two of the most drying ingredients herunterladen. While our skin may feel moisturized right after we use them, in the long run, they actually dry it out and create oil imbalance and inflammation. If we use a cleanser or moisturizer that strips our natural oils, our skin begins to overproduce gimp for free german. This creates a cycle that can include overly oily skin, acne and other issues.

Organic, cold-pressed oils like sesame, olive, jojoba and coconut are actually incredibly good for the skin fotos vom handy herunterladen. They are even helpful for acne-prone skin, as they help control eruptions and neutralize toxins that develop both on the surface and inside the pores office paket für mac kostenlos download. In fact, it is becoming quite popular to cleanse the skin with oils, using them to wash the face. These compounds really nourish us.


Virgin Coconut Oil is a favorite of mine that is growing in popularity herunterladen. It is a protective and hydrating oil that can limit the damage caused by excessive sun exposure (making it ideal as an after-sun treatment). As a rich source of revitalizing minerals and nutrients, it nourishes thirsty skin kostenlos wordpad herunterladen. It contains Medium Chain Triglycerides, which are fatty acids whose esters absorb quickly, helping transport nutrients directly to cells.

Acting as an emollient, it has a softening and soothing effect too songs youtube for free. After virgin coconut oil is applied, small wounds—caused by acne or pimples—can soften and heal more quickly thanks to this and its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Actually, almost 50 percent of the fatty acid in coconut oil is Lauric Acid, which can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is also high in naturally occurring vitamin E, which lends additional antioxidants and scar reducing benefits. Many see it as a cure-all solution for most skin issues.



Oils, like virgin coconut oil, are literally food for our skin…….