Have a Birthday Spa Party in your Home


Have a birthday spa party  with Moodylicious Children Spa Parties of Houston in your home garmin connect herunterladen der geräteliste fehlgeschlagen. Our Candy Flavor signature “Face Frosting” cleansing mask and candy scented spa products are the perfect add on to any child’s birthday party kriegsspiele kostenlos downloaden.

We handle the whole affair from a custom designed email invitation sent to you weeks before your party, to party supplies, to fun activities for all your guest facebook logo to download.


Little girls love “Mani-Pedi’s” so we make that the focus of our spa parties in Houston herunterladen. They choose candy scented nail paint form our array of “Lollipop Vegan Nail Paint”, then choose rhinestones, press on nails or stickers to add on to their nail art lernwerkstatt 8 kostenlosen.

We offer complimentary add on’s..such as… Candy Making Jewelry , Party Favor Alphabet Beaded Bracelet or Necklace, Hair Style Bow & Ribbon Bar and for some interactive fun “Blind Fold Makeup Application & Face Frosting Mask” ..this really brings the giggles out… the girls are blind folded and do each other make up or put our candy scented face frosting on each other facebook logo.

Our parties are about 2-3 hours of pampering.. but your full birthday party with friends and families can last through the night with a slumber party herunterladen.  We suggest other activities to include for the girls to stay busy, karaoke( we found this one for $49), bingo, twister and dance off from your ipod music list xing CV cannot be downloaded.

Pizza is the food of chose for most of the spa parties but adding your child’s favorite meal and a ice cream bar and custom birthday spa cake will make this a very special day herunterladen.

We have two spa party packages available, for the smaller parties up to eight girls we can create more of a spa experience with peppermint paddy foot baths and massage, mani-pedi sugar mask and massage, along with a facial massage and mask this spa package is $199 threema android for free.  If your child has more friends and cousins we can accommodate up to 15 girls with our mobile spa party bar…meaning we focus more on the mani-pedi nail paint and everything else is set up on the table for the girls to dive in and keep themselves busy, this spa package is $99.


Our spa party calendar is booking up fast for weekend birthday parties…so..  Call 1-832-566-0239  or email  to set your spa birthday party date.