John Loecke & Jason O. Nixon Decoraters


Known for fearless decorating and mixing up to a dozen patterns in the same room, Brooklyn designers John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon aren’t the timid types. Following a few classic design principles, the duo knows how to break the rules without letting a room fall into aesthetic anarchy.

Smooth Transitions

“For a cohesive style that still takes risks,” says Loecke, “decide on your lead color for the house and pepper it throughout your rooms.” Here a foyer in a range of blues gets a nod next door with a carpet and accents of the same palette.


Designer Tip:
The entryway is the perfect place to establish your home’s palette.

Start Small

Little room embellishments like adding vibrant trim to window valance or painting a doorframe in a sunny yellow “are transformational elements,” says Nixon. “They are fun, fast, and give you a maximal look for minimal effort.”

Designer Tip: Patterned cushions and slipcovers are another low-commitment way to try bold, new looks

Saturate Your Space

“As long as you stick with the same tonality, you can use as many different shades of that color as you want,” says Nixon. “It becomes a new neutral but is much more interesting than an all-white room.”

Designer Tip: Create a faux chair rail with paint rather than with more-costly wood.

Clashing with Intent

“Dining rooms are about the table and chairs, but that can easily become staid and boring,” says Loecke. To bring a little personality to traditional chairs, the duo upholstered each cushion in a different pattern.

Designer Tip: Unique seating makes each guest feel as if he has his  own special place at the table

Love Your Accessories

“Artwork doesn’t have to be a frame on the wall,” says Loecke. In this beach house, the team took the homeowner’s old surfboard and custom-colored it to match the emerald-green curtains.

Designer Tip: Vintage skis, garden spires, a couture shoe collection—whatever you’re passionate about—can be the perfect objets for your home.






  1. Lisa @ HR Creative Design Studio says:

    Love the vibrant colors and patters!

  2. Moodylicious says:

    I love the colors also ….. Thank you lisa for stopping by !