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“Make Your Own Spa Product Stations”

  Ice Cream Spa 550

           Vegan & Gluten Free Spa Products

                Paraben Free Spa Products


         Indulge in your own candy store of yummy flavor children spa products, with our collections of  “Moodylicious Children Spa Products”.  As natural as the earth our Vegan & Gluten Free and Paraben Free spa collections, will give your child’s skin a daily dose of vitamins and nutrients, while supplying a silky smooth coating of pure bliss… offering a decadent array of  candy flavor face frosting spa products, while embracing an aromatic experience, leaving skin soft, smooth and baby like mms konnte nicht herunterladen werden versuchen sie es später erneut.


         ……… Natural,   Paraben Free,   Vegan,   Gluten Free   and   Nut Free  ……. schriftart old english text mt kostenlos downloaden.


            Have you been wanting something fun and exciting for your spa guest youtube musik herunterladen android?

Something to keep them interactive ,while waiting for their spa service at your salon, along with bringing a wonderful marketing party favor home with them to share with their friends zip file mac.

Well, look no further, our Make Your Own Spa Product Stations” are the perfect answer e mail bilder automatisch herunterladen. Just private label each empty bottle or container with your shops “Spa Logo” from one of our “Private Label Programs” to ensure new customers to your shop in the near future. 

  We  provide you with everything you will need in our Make Your Own Spa Product Stations Bundle”  or purchase our spa product stations “Al a Carte” , while enjoying designing your own stations with the displays you already have existing in your salon or boutique sticker kostenlosen.


          Request a ” Make Your Own Spa Station” catalog contact me


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candy cane 550



       “Make Your Own Spa Product Stations”


lollipop spa party banner



                          Lollipop Candy Scented Vegan Nail Polish

                    Roll-On Candy Flavor Lip gloss & Perfume Station

                      Candy Land Glitter Lotion & Body Mist Station

                         Sugar Cane Body Scrub Snow Cone Cup Station

                   Hard Candy Ice Cream Soap Chocolate  Sundae Bar

                           Tutti Frutti  Sprinkles Body Wash Station

                           Shampoo & Conditioning Station

                                  Glitter Styling Hair Gel Station

                              Cool-aid Rainbow Hair Dye Station




                            The Sweetie-licious Candy Soap Station

        The Sweetie-licious Banana Spilt Ice Cream Soap Coco Sundae Bar

                             Swanky Cupcake & Bakery Soap Shop

                     Moodylicious Hamburger & Hot Dog Soap Stand

                              Moodylicious Novelty Soap Gift Shop



   “Make Your Own Spa Product Stations”


    Our stations can include…………

                          ~Framed Chalk Board Direction Sign~

                          ~Framed White Board Direction Sign~

                                         ~Table Top Stations~

         ~Moodylicious Pink or White Lacquer Display Shelving Unit ~

                     ~Glass Candy Containers and or Table Top Station~

 ~ along with spoons, scoopers and bags pdf dateien mit iphone herunterladen.


        Below you will find a few of our “Make Your Own Spa Product Stations” , everything you will need for a fun filled spa day can be “Al a Carte” or a full spa package, from our gallon spa products , empty bottles  and containers with our spa label attached ,or if you are a private label client, then your beautiful logo spa label zoom app pc herunterladen.

        One of our “Product Stylist” with work with you to create stylish, fun, and profitable spa stations , here’s an added bonus you can  add “Make Your Own Spa Products” for retail sales for your boutique or salon, outside sales at shopping malls, grocery stores, hotels, resorts, and hair salons worden chromebook.

      Just order our spa products in gallon jugs with display pumps and our empty labeled bottles, fill them up yourselves in a clean sanitize area, package and wholesale to your favorite salon or shop my t-mobile app downloaden.

      This is a major discount for you, since we don’t have to be your fulfillment supplier. You will reap the benefits, about a 75% discount on our retail pricing.


               Request a ” Make your Own Spa Station” catalog contact me


Here are just some of our yummy candy flavor ……..

Bubblelicious, Cotton Candy, Candyland, Chocolicious, Peppermint Paddy, Raspberry Splash, Strawberry Swirl, Tropical Punch, Silly Grape, Birthday Cake, Hard Candy, Fruit Cocktail, Tutti Fruity, Lollipop, Candy Corn, Watermelon Twist, Creamsicle, Pina Colada, Applielicious, Salt Water Taffy, Crush Pineapple, Gummy Worms, Sugar Plum Fairies, Baby Powder, Gingerbread Girl


We can “Custom Blend” your favorite candy flavor !





Moodylicious Moisturizing Kid’s Lip gloss Station


               48/ .35oz.Clear Roll On Btls with “Lip gloss Label”   $99.00

                            “Candy Land Vegan Lip Gloss Spa Station”

                                  {Girl’s put the Flavors in the Bottle }


                  .35oz.BTl                                                       retail $12.99


Wholesale Retail Pricing per Lip gloss Bottle…………

30% dis.                                                        $7.70

40% Dis.      x 40 unit                                   $6.60

50% Dis.      X 50 Unit                                  $5.50


Gallon 128 Oz.                                                Retail $298.00

4 or more Gallons                                                      $135.00     ( for spa station use)





  Moodylicious Paraben Free Ice Cream Bath Whip


                                             “Sundae Bath Whip Bar

                       50 / 8oz   ” Lid  &  Clear  Ice Cream Cup ”       $34.00

       Just Add Colored Sprinkle, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Cherry Soap


                        8oz. Ice Cream Cup                                   retail $18.99


  8oz. Ice Cream Cup                               retail $18.99

30% dis.                                                        $13.30

40% Dis.      x 40 unit                                   $11.40

50% Dis.      X 50 Unit                                   $ 9.49


Gallon 128 OZ.                                    Retail $275.00

4 or more Gallons                                          $135.00     ( for ice cream bar station)



Request a ” Make Your Own Spa Station” catalog contact me





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