Fried Green Aprons

Aprons are the clothes you wear outside your clothes ..  Maybe you don’t use an apron to cook. You just go right in that kitchen after work , thinking … I just want to get finished and sit down. Maybe you don’t wear that apron to garden, just a sun hat will do. Maybe you don’t wear an apron to do projects with your children, just enjoying the moment. But these aprons are differant. You theme them, you choose what says “ME” that way they are customized . That way it will give you a little spark in your step… when you’re home from work. Or wear them when you’re gardening.. don’t you need that extra pocket for seeds or where did I put that trowel. What about those projects with your children, what if you wore an apron that “they” loved? First… they’d think you were the coolest… and second your clothes wouldn’t have little splats of paint. So…we have heard the whole “I don’t wear an apron”. But why not now? You design it for “you”, we sew it !

With the Biggest Meal of the year coming along in just a few days …You need an APRON !!!!    My dear friend Lynn Corbitt owner of  Fried Green Aprons  brings the custom apron to your door ..from Tailgateing cooking, to Bakeing with the kid’s she has you covered !!!

                                      Tailgateing Apron …Perfect for the Chef in your Life !!

                                                      Do you have this much Fun in your kitchen ?

Look classy in an Apron !

             Happy Holidays !

Fried Green Aprons


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