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Color has the ability to change someone’s entire world, freeing them from all that is dull. No one is as well-versed in the art of color as Eileen Kathryn Boyd.   This color queen is best known for drawing entire project inspirations from fashion runways and emulating them on her showroom floor.

Color is not merely an outlet of personal expression, but rather a state of mind which infiltrates all that we are and do. It’s true that not everyone is a designer, but everyone does possess a distinct color footprint. Many people are apprehensive about choosing a color for fear of the wrong color choice or dating the room. Eileen believes that color and composition are inseparable, and when she is working with a client she sees them as a unique color story just waiting to be expressed.

It has been said that people often gravitate towards colors that compliment and reflect one’s physicality! When searching for a color story it is important to perform a thorough color analysis of those already existing in your life. Perhaps you will find them in your wardrobe or linens, or maybe it’s those found in nature that draw you in and captivate your attention.

Once a working palette has been established, then you can breathe life into the space with dramatic and inspiring punches of your color story! A color story reflects those vibrant shades and intriguing hues that follow you through life, and in which you are naturally inclined to love and grow with. Now instead of reinventing your home with every passing trend, you can work within your color story to keep things fresh and inventive.

Keep in mind, you are never limited to one color story…you may have 2 or 3 that you use interchangeably. When you are ready for your new color statements you can simply store your previous color scheme as its own separate story! This will maintain organization and alleviate random buying which leads to pieces that are not compatible with the rest of your design concept.


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