Rachael Ray Edible Wreaths


Wreaths to Sink Your Teeth Into ……


Turn your extra holiday goodies into delish door hangings.
Wrap It With Radishes


12 twist ties
6 bundles of small, stem-on radishes
12-inch wire wreath frame

Using 2 twist ties per bundle, attach each radish bunch to the frame’s inner rung with stems pointed outward. Tug on the leaves or snip them off, then tie to the frame to cover bare areas.


Mound on the Mint


Royal Icing
2 lbs. blue peppermints (about 200 candies)
1 bag (14 oz.) blue candies or jelly beans
14-inch beveled Styrofoam wreath frame

Glaze the entire wreath frame with Royal Icing, then press on the unwrapped mints to adhere until the frame is covered. To finish, push small blue candies in the gaps between the mints.


Ring on the Rosemary


20 rosemary bundles (5 to 7 sprigs each)
40 twist ties
20 kumquats
1 box of toothpicks
12-inch wire wreath frame

Working your way around the wreath frame, secure each rosemary bundle to the innermost rung with a twist tie, overlapping them slightly. Once the wreath is covered, stick each kumquat onto a toothpick, push it through the rosemary and secure to the frame using the remaining twist ties, keeping the kumquats about 2 inches apart.


Pile on the Peppers


3 lbs. of long and skinny purple, red, yellow and orange chiles
20 rubber bands
20 wire ornament hooks
14-inch wire wreath frame

Tie 8 chiles together by their stems with a rubber band. Using the ornament hooks, secure each bundle onto the innermost rung of the wreath frame. Work in a circle around the frame, keeping the bunches close together.




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By Alison Caporimo | Photography by Anita Calero



               Happy Holidays !!