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Moodylicious Children’s Spa Parties

Thank you Houston for allowing Moodylicious Children’s Spa Parties to come into your home and give your daughters an elegant Spa experience.  When we were kid’s, parties consisted of roller rinks, balloons and clowns.  Well that was then, now you can pamper the little ladies in your life and her friends with a Moodylicious Children’s Spa Party.  Not just for birthday’s, Moodylicious Spa Parties are great for Sleepovers, Holiday Parties, Girl Scout Troop, Cheerleading Squad and Beginning & End of a School Year Parties.  Complete with our very own Natural Spa Product Line called “Wicked Chocolate Face Frosting” and a Spa Licious menu that includes Gluten Free & Vegan Items Moodylicious Spa will plan the whole spa experience herunterladen.

With renown known Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist Andrea Schutter, the glam event begins with facial and mani-pedi stations, craft table for handmade Foot Loops Jewlery, canvas & easels for the little picasso painter and a sweet treat table that includes Ohh la la Spa cookies, cupcakes, cakepops, ice cream and candy bar.  To bring this all together an exquisite pink spa tableware collection with faux champagne flutes and spa decorations schriften für openoffice herunterladen.

We love to give our Mom’s the information they need to make their life a little easier, from decorating tips, recipes, sales, fashions and much more on our Moodylicious Children’s Spa site  Our Moodylicious Childrens Spa Shops & Boutique carries all of our natural spa products like our “Wicked Chocolate Face Frosting” spa products containing milk proteins, because Milk does the Body Good! aus wdr mediathek downloaden! in yummy delicious flavors like Bubblegum, Cotton Candy, Grape and many more.  Our Moodylicious Children’s Boutique carries handmade fashions, party supplies, toys from Mom’s just like you download the 100 for free!

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