Moodylicious Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Spa Party

All tween and teen girls love to spend time together sharing secrets and getting pampered reddit videos herunterladen. There is no better way to celebrate, then to host a Girls Just Want To Have Fun Spa Sleepover Party.
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On your invite don’t forget to include details to bring pajamas, pillow and sleeping bag if needed herunterladen.

Dinner menu: Breakfast for dinner! Pancakes, strawberries, blueberries, and milk or juice. Don’t forget the Popcorn and cookies.

Party games: Have the girls play truth or dare. What girl doesn’t love that game? Put a new spin on spin the bottle. This is a colorful variation from the classic game. You will need an empty soda bottle and 10 bottles of nail polish, each in a different color. Set the nail polish in a circle with enough room for the bottle to spin. Have everyone take turns spinning the bottle. Whatever nail polish the bottle stops on is the color the guest must paint their fingernails. Continue playing until each guest has painted all 10 fingernails. See all the colorful and crazy combinations that everyone ends up with. You could also play no mirror make-up. This is a silly game that gets the girls laughing. First set out lots of beauty items on a table and have everyone apply their make-up without using a mirror. Then the girl with the best and most hideous look is the winner. Make sure to capture lots of pictures. Wrap the night up with basic pedicures. Make sure to have a few video choices available when everyone starts to quiet down (but isn’t ready to go to bed yet!) Don’t forget to make delicious popcorn to serve as they watch their movie.


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