Better Homes & Garden Chocolate Rum Truffles !

Enjoy this beautiful Holiday Season with Truffles ! smart tv samsung apps herunterladen!    Their simplicity, elegance, ease of preparation and delivery make a sensible gift to give!

Since they are so easy to make, establish your base then go crazy by mixing and matching flavors with spirits or liqueurs icloud windows kostenlos.  Mix your favorite liquor, rum, bourbon, scotch or go fruity with cassis, or step up the chocolate flavor with some Godiva liqueur fotos aus icloud herunterladen ipad.

Want it non-alcoholic? No problem, just leave it out all together. Don’t stop with just filling the inside of your decadent drunken truffles, you can dip, roll, pipe or cover your truffle in crushed nuts, crushed cookies, crush candy—there are so many options, so have fun phototan deutsche bank app herunterladen. It’s almost impossible to ruin a truffle.

Dress up these Yummy Chocolate Truffles with some edible gold glitter as a finishing touch herunterladen. Talk about easy elegance—these truffles can proudly stand on their own as the star of any holiday dessert table.

The edible gold glitter is from CK products found here and the gold liners are Wilton’s candy cups found here outlook agenda.

Wishing You’All a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Years !….

Collaborated this holiday piece with , enjoy her baking blog . spider solitaire free download free german. Bakers Royale