Evy’s Tree Hoodies

Ever come across a clothing line that takes your breathe away Free confrontatiematrix? ….  Evy’s Tree Hoodies are mine …can you belive it “Hoodies”  …. I have been following Amy’s clothing line for a few years …and bought a few along the way .  I fell in love with her story on how she just fell into her ever growing clothing business with her Mom’s sewing machine  …… I’ll let Amy tell her story . download images iphone.

Hello my name is Amy, and I am a 35-year-old 4th grade public school teacher morphed into a stay at home mom  to two beautiful babies, Jacob and Evelyn witness. I am married to the most amazing man in the world, Brandon, who is a full time Youth Pastor and youth motivational speaker. How Evy’s Tree came into my life is completely by accident; definitely what I would consider a God thing herunterladen. When I decided to stay home with Jacob, money was VERY tight. In October of 2009, I was inspired by many wonderful and creative stay at home moms who could whip up these beautiful items for their families with practically no money apps windows 7. I felt like I couldn’t even take my kids hems up if I needed to, and that made me feel very inadequate as a mom for some strange reason , It seemed like everyone I knew could sew video schneiden kostenlos chip download. So I borrowed my mom’s sewing machine and attempted to learn. In fact, I did a big post on my family blog regarding my feelings about being crafty right after I brought the machine home java ältere versionen downloaden. The post is a bit of a joke now as I complained how I wasn’t creative, and yet here I am creating for a living!

Anyway, I started sewing a little for myself and then I took on the task, with some help from some do it yourself blogs, of embellishing some hoodies from my closet for a trip to Disney World that my family herunterladen. I took pictures of all the hoodies and put them on my blog after Christmas. Almost immediately I started receiving emails from people asking if they could purchase one herunterladen. A couple of weeks later I put up a Paypal link on my blog and sold 15 in 30 minutes, my business was born.

I get asked often how I came up with the name “Evy’s Tree”…we call Evelyn, “Evy” and on her bedroom wall we painted a beautiful white tree with an owl sitting on the branches windows movie maker herunterladen. When I was sewing my first “Hoot” hoodie, Jacob walked up and saw the owl on the chest and asked, “Is that Evy’s Tree, Mama?” The name for the hoodies just stuck.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and I look forward to seeing you wearing Evy’s Tree in the future!  If you would like to learn more about my family, feel free to follow our adventures on our family blog. Many blessings …